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Summer 2016

It's almost our favorite time of the year.  Summer is threatening to poke out of the June gloom and the beach life is calling.  No more shoes or sweatshirts, just beach chairs, boardshorts and a couple of icy cold beverages to keep cool.  Yep, we're going on Summer vacation...kind of.  

Here at the Ensemble we're always busy, and always will be, but that Summer weather can cause distractions.  Not like this ridiculous political distraction that we can't avoid.  Where the only real choice we have is which clown will drive this country into the ground for the next 4 years and reduce global opinion of The United States to reality TV show levels.  No, Summer is a good distraction and we're already getting distracted. 

So check out the stockpile of new songs just added to the list; Snapshots and My Thoughts, Skin in the Game and Directions Home.  These all came with the lyrical help of a long time Ensemble member and we hope you enjoy.  In fact, enjoy them with a cold beer, a baseball game on the TV and make sure to mute it.  Don't want those distracting commercials distracting you from being distracted. 





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