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November, 2014

Since this Fall has really just been an extended Summer ( weather is perfect and hot ) the Ensemble has been lovin' life.  But leave it to the man to try and bring us down with the time change non-sense.  We have no idea why it gets dark at 5pm now.  That is the middle of happy hour...common people.   Someone told us "this is for the Farmers".  Don't farmers use roosters for alarm clocks?  I didn't know you could set the time on those things.  Then another person said, "it's for the kids".  Kids don't leave for work at 6am (in the dark) then return home at 6pm (in the dark) and have to live in eternal darkness for half the year.  Come to think of it, neither does the I guess it doesn't really matter what time it gets dark when you have nowhere to be.  Except that happy hour thing, but I guess we can overlook that for now.   

Even if the man wants to rain on the daylight parade, the Ensemble will continue on.   As a matter of fact, our new tune, Rain Stories, discusses raining on things.  Maybe not parades, but definitely something you should check out while your in that office watching the sun rise, and then set before your boss lets you off that leash.   Don't worry about the sunscreen, you won't need it for a while. 





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