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Winter 2016

So I saw a bunch of clowns get out of the same little clown car the other day.  They all straightened their clown suits, then carefully assumed the roles they would all play for their performance before entering a studio.  One had huge red hair, the one that I though was an ugly little boy was actually a girl, weird.  One carried a hammer and sickle along with a lot of promises.  Then there were a bunch of other obvious clowns, but nothing distinct about any of them, just clowns....

Then I realized it was a presidential debate, and it all made sense.  Doesn't matter who wins, they'll all be climbing back into the same clown car together after the show.

So, instead of relying on the government to pay our bill and keep us fed, The Ensemble has a new approach.  Sugar Momma.  That's right, why work and stuff to make money when you can have someone else do it for you, and all you have to do is be cute.  Well, I don't know if The Ensemble is "cute", but we can be if you're paying. We even wrote a song about it, check out Different Dreams, our new tune, from us to you. 

Now get out there and cast a vote that doesn't count because the clowns...I mean candidates, are selected by "delegates", not the public.  

Until next time..  





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