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"Close" of Summer 2015

While the calendar may indicate that Summer is quickly approaching its end, the Ensemble is not ready to concede.  Calendars are probably useful if you live somewhere with seasons, but we're in Southern California and the calendar is more of a suggestion  than a reality.  El Nino has been keeping it warm and beachy, so we're gonna ride this Summer thing until the legs fall off.  

For the rest of you, we know that Fall means back to school, back to work, back to football, back to all of the things that you blew off for the couple annual vacations you were able to squeeze in while the weather was nice.  The crash back into reality can be a tough transition.  For some, it's tougher than others and that is what our new song Special Day, is all about.   Facing monsters while armed might be cool in video games, but real life could use less of both.  So while we extend our Summer and blow off this whole "Fall" thing, the Ensemble wants to remind you all to take it easy, it's way better than taking it hard. 





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