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Summer 2015

Summer is in full swing, and so is the Ensemble.  While we might not be working exactly like you're working, we're still working.  Working on tans, and cocktails and enjoying sunsets and waves.  Might sound easy, but it takes some practice.  Yet even the Ensemble has times when they are called into the "office".  And that is where things need to be evaluated and placed into categories based on level of importance.   Like when your personal emails  far outweigh the importance of that stupid report your boss wanted you to do on "goals".   [ off the subject, but the correct way to complete that report is to let the old bossman know that your goal is to never work for the bossman again and join the Ensemble at the beach, see what he says to that ]. 

Which brings us to our new song, Important.  Take a listen to the ultimate sound, pour a cocktail and enjoy.   These are the perils facing the Ensemble, time management and committment.  We're committed to bringing the best tunes available to you ears, but not so into waiting for others when we could be doing Ensemble things.  What are Ensemble things?  You might ask.   If you still don't understand, get that "goals" report done Ensemble style, and maybe we'll see you at the beach. 





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