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December, 2014

So this is it, the end of another year.  While the short days get shorter and all the shoppers shop, the Richardhead Ensemble is seriously considering taking some advice from our furry forest friends.  "What?", you might ask.  Hibernation.  That is right.  If it works for the bears, why not us?  What is there to miss anyway? Eggnog, crowded malls, discounted door busters, fruit cake, those relatives you only see around the holidays, and when you see them you are instantly reminded why you why you only see them once a year.  There are always holiday beers, but they suck.  Who wants cinnamon apple suds with an hint of nutmeg?  Not the Ensemble, 3 months asleep might just be the answer. 

But...then the Ensemble wouldn't be able to rock, and that just won't fly.  Can't shred an axe while you're sleeping, can't crack a beer either.  So bring it on!  Give us your fruitcakes, give us your eggnog and specialty holiday beers!  Bring on the commercialism with religious undertones (or is it the other way around?) and we'll take it like we always do.  Sitting in front of the TV ignoring almost everyone with a cold beer, writing the next hit song.  Now Shut Up!  The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is on. 

Merry Christmas from all of us, to all of you. 




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