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Summer 2015

Even though it's not quite summer yet, the Ensemble has jumped ship.  That's right, we're already sipping margaritas and grilling up carne asada.  We've already parked our beach chairs and waxed up the sticks. Spring showers will be the last showers we take 'til October as the ocean is now our home.  Despite big oil leaking all over, and hordes of tourists leaking all over, the beach still remains the pinnacle of existence.  Being on the edge of the continent, facing the mighty Pacific, I know that you're either with me, or behind me.  

So while you're evaluating your place in my model of life, we want you to know that while we are checked out, you can't stop the meter maid from giving tickets, politicians for politicizing, and you can't stop the Ensemble from putting out sick tunes.  Check out our new rocker I'm Perfectly Well.  It's so sick, it's perfectly well....

Get it.  





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